About Sparkling Logic

Sparkling Logic is the Innovative company in Decision ManagementSparkling Logic Inc. is a California-based company founded by the leading experts in Prescriptive Analytics and Decision Management to help businesses over the world improve their decision-making processes.

Although Prescriptive Analytics and Decision Management techniques and technologies have been available for decades now, only Fortune 500 companies have been able to leverage them with varying degrees of success. Besides the cost of technology, education materials are seldom available and experts are few around the globe. As a result, companies of all sizes have been struggling to achieve the promised Return on Investment (ROI) of their decision-making solutions. Barriers to success are real: lack of best practices, flawed design patterns advocated even by vendors, inability to track useful business performance indicators, and more importantly vendors and users alike lose track of the main objective of empowering business users.

Sparkling Logic has a vision that everyone should have access to decision-making technologies that allows them to stop making decisions in the dark. Regardless of the level of maturity: from tracking performances to full-feedback-loop machinery, in some cases self-adapting to adjust to emerging trends, all companies should be able to turn their data-driven and expertise-driven insights into decisions, and practice Decision Management.

“The Decisions we make define who we are as people or as business;
Instead of shooting darts in the dark, everyone should be given the opportunity
to know, to understand and to improve
— Carole-Ann Matignon, CEO of Sparkling Logic

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